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Enhanced performance

Enhance your vehicle performance to the limit.

Better protection

Gives your engine the best protection it needs.

Long lasting

Long life period inside your engine.

Widest variety

Our grades cover all vehicles in every condition.

Our Products

  • 5W40 Platinum 5L

  • 20W50 Silver 5L

  • 20W50 Silver 1L

  • 10W40 Silver 5L

  • 10W40 Silver 1L

  • 10W30 Silver 5L

  • 10W30 Silver 1L

  • 5W40 Silver 5L

  • 5W40 Silver 1L

  • 5W30 Silver 5L

  • 5W30 Silver 1L

  • 5W20 Silver 5L

  • 5W20 Silver 1L

  • 20W50 Platinum 1L

  • 15W40 Platinum 5L

  • 15W40 Platinum 1L

  • 10W60 Platinum 5L

  • 10W60 Platinum 1L

  • 10W40 Platinum 5L

  • 10W40 Platinum 1L

  • 10W30 Platinum 5L

  • 10W30 Platinum 1L

  • 5W40 Platinum 5L

  • 5W40 Platinum 1L

  • 5W30 Platinum 5L

  • 5W30 Platinum 1L

  • 5W20 Platinum 5L

  • 5W20 Platinum 1L

  • 0W40 Platinum 5L

  • 0W40 Platinum 1L

  • 0W30 Platinum 5L

  • 0W30 Platinum 1L

  • 0W20 Platinum 5L

  • 0W20 Platinum 1L