20W50 Platinum 1L

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LUBIR EDGE SAE 20W-50 SN is an energy conserving motor oil which provides the highest level of protection from combustion deposits, heat induced oil oxidation and sludge deposits. LUBIR EDGE SAE 20W-50 is state of the art motor oil which provides the highest level of protection for engines. High temperature fortified formulation provides reserve protection for the toughest driving conditions. It is made using the finest quality, carefully selected premium oils and provides exceptional anti-wear protection due to its high film strength properties. LUBIR EDGE SAE 20W-50 is strengthened with advanced synthetic oil additives to provide superior protection and heat tolerance compared with regular low viscosity oils in the market. Ultra-low viscosity designed for greater engine response and fuel efficiency. It offers increases HP and torque along with super smooth and quieter engine running.


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